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Worth Knowing Effects of Magnesium And MgCl2 in Your Life

Magnesium is nothing less than a miracle mineral in its medicinal effect on a wide range of diseases as well as in its ability to revivify the aging body. It is crucial for many enzyme reactions, especially in cellular energy production, for the brain health and nervous system and also for healthy teeth and bones.

However, you’ll be amused and surprised to hear that in the form of Magnesium chloride it is also an impressive disinfectant. You should better have a check at your local magnesium chloride supplier. I am not exaggerating the prevailing importance of Magnesium for our health.

It is twice as true because the Magnesium intake with our food has significantly lowered due to the application of  fertilizers (mostly inorganic) with an excess amount of calcium, and also because the medical profession over-stresses and exaggerates our need for a high calcium intake and too much calcium supplementation at the cost of Magnesium.

Although Calcium and Magnesium work jointly in our body, they are quiet opposite in their effects on our metabolism. This is because of the action of the parathyroid glands which try to keep the combined level of calcium and Magnesium in our blood steady and balanced against phosphorus. If Magnesium levels are low then calcium levels need to rise to remain in balance. . Calcium, Magnesium and phosphorus are maintained in proper ratio by a hormone named Parathyroid hormone. Anything goes up, the other minerals go down to maintain the balance for example, if calcium level in your body goes up then Magnesium has to go down and vice versa.

If your Magnesium intake is low, you’ll start losing calcium from your bones as this deficiency will cause transfer of bone calcium to tissue levels. Similarly, if you have a high phosphorus intake without high Magnesium or Calcium intake then Calcium from bones starts leaching out and is excreted along with the urine.

Magnesium has a soothing effect on the nervous system. With this, it is habitually used to promote good quality sleep. But more significantly, it can be used to calm down irritated or aggravated nerves. This is particularly useful with convulsions in pregnant women, shakes in alcoholism and epileptic seizures too.

Alcoholics usually have low levels of Magnesium, causing them many of their health hazards. If Magnesium levels in your body are low, the nerves drop control over muscular activity, breath and cerebral processes. Magnesium imbalance is responsible for various problems like tremors, irritability, twitches, hypersensitivity, memory loss, muscle spasms, nervous fatigue, restlessness, anxiety, confusion and improper beating of heart. A common observable fact of Magnesium deficiency is a quick muscle reaction to a sudden loud noise.

In a study, Magnesium chloride was injected to rabbits and Guinea pigs and it was found that the Guinea pigs were all alive after normal lethal injections of snake venom and a rabbit also survived a poisonous snakebite. Magnesium chloride evidently has a specific action on the tetanus virus and its harmful effects on the body. It is really a miracle substance. I have already called a Magnesium Chloride Supplier and I recommend you to do so as soon as possible.

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