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Top 5 Organizations Combating Human Trafficking Across The Globe

The worst thing which can be done is to fail at protecting each other from the atrocities created by us only. This is what happens in the case of Human Trafficking when for the greed of some bucks, people tend to lose the sight of humanity and their individual responsibility towards mankind. We can try to track and keep an eye on this situation digitally by using a good IP Address Management Software.

The most important contribution towards this cause of eradicating human trafficking amidst the society is of the following organizations:

1. The Empower Foundation

This foundation recognizes that not all the people involved in the adult entertainment industry, that is, sex industry do so forcefully. They can also be there by virtue of the choice they made. This organization worked by the fight started by these sex workers for fair and equal standards of work in the adult industry. (

2. Goodweave

This organization works for reducing the percentage of child labor. When it was started, it found out that the rug industry spread across Southeast Asia had the maximum of child laborers working almost 18 hours a day in the factories. They worked towards removing almost around 75% of the system of child labor from these areas.

3. Urban Light

Whenever there is a talk of the adult industry, men are almost ignored from this important discussion. Alexandra Russel noticed this while she went for a trip to Thailand. Then, she formed this group which supports male in the case of trafficking and sexual exploitation. It provides food, shelter and other amenities to help them re-live and rebuild their lives.


This abbreviation is coined from the children’s organization of Southeast Asia. It is an organization set up to help the growth and development of children from hilly tribes. This team provides health and life care services at the Baan Yuu Suk Shelter for the girls who were trafficked.

5. Polaris Project

This is one of the most prominent groups in the United States to protect girls and boys from being trafficked and work with trafficking survivors for developing strategies to end this problem of human trafficking.

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