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Smart Locks VS Conventional Locks – Know Your Locks

Safety is one of the most basic needs of a person. Abraham Maslow mentioned safety right next to physiological needs in his theory of ‘Hierarchy of needs’. People don’t mind spending money on security gadgets as they know what it means to them. Today with the advent of technology in almost every field, modes of security have also undergone various innovations and as a result, new gadgets have been invented to make things more secure.

Smart lock is one such invention. Its job is same as the conventional lock, but with greater accuracy, precision and security. So, does it mean that the days of conventional locks are over? Conventional locks have been serving us for hundreds of years. Is it the time to say no to them? You may prefer talking to Locksmith Toronto tech regarding the matter. Let’s know more about the smart locks and conventional locks:

Smart Locks

A smart lock is an electromechanical lock usually installed at the doors and work on the instructions given to it through an external device (usually a smartphone). All the connections are obviously wireless and encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. All the locks are connected to our smartphone and are controlled through a dedicated app installed in it.

Types Of Smart Lock 

You might have seen it in the movies, where the secret organizations have such locks installed at their entrances which grant access to people after scanning their fingerprints. Well, it has turned to reality and is being used by big firms around the world. The Biometric lock is the highest standard smart lock and is generally used by big organizations or firms to ensure safety in their premises. It is installed at the entrances and grant access after scanning the fingerprint of the authorized personnel. Multiple fingerprints can be fed into the lock to grant entrance to multiple people.

There are smart-locks based on Bluetooth technology that functions on Bluetooth signals from the authorized smartphone. A high level of encryption is used for making the systems stronger. A qualified would help you find the best kind of smart lock as per your requirement.


  • The best point about a smart lock is its security standards. The kind of encryption and connections that are used in a smart lock make it the perfect choice for high-level
  • Smart locks come with recording features that would make you know who comes and goes at what timings.
  • Access to authorized people makes this system even more secure.
  • You can keep changing the security codes or the modes of unlocking time to time which would avoid abreach of security.
  • Nothing can go unnoticed! The lock sensors come with high sensitivity that gives you instant information about the movements at your door.

A Challenge To Conventional Locks?

While there are so many security features in the smart locks, yet conventional locks have not lost their popularity. It might be due to the cost of smart locks, or their requirement. I mean, you don’t need a smart lock for your 1 BHK or 2 BHK apartment, unless you have something really important to keep it safe. Moreover, there are a few drawbacks one should consider before getting a smart lock installed:

  • What would you do if your phone battery turns 0 till you reach your home? Since all the smart locks run through smartphones, the situation would turn horrible if this happens.
  • If your system undergoes a sudden breakdown, the smart lock will get disabled. Conventional locks don’t have such problems.
  • Despite the smart locks being so secure, there still exist chances of breach of security. These days, with the swarm of hackers around the world, nothing is impossible to hack.

One of the most important things to consider is, when do you really need a smart lock? Since it is way costlier than the conventional ones, you must ask the above question to yourself before you think of buying one. Smart locks have taken security to the next level but the conventional clocks can still be the best bid for you unless you really need a high-level technology to keep your place secure. Smart locks would be more suited to the big firms and not to everyone. For a simple person, it would just be a waste of money. If you too are confused about which lock to prefer, contact a qualified locksmith now at locksmith Toronto tech!

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