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Reality Test Of Electromagnetic Shield Of Captain America (Watch Video)

Watching a superhero movie fills a thrill of excitement inside us. However, there is also a common thought while watching those movies like “If I had the prop of those heroes what would I do”. Yeah this thought often lands in our mind. Have you ever thought of the one of the most sought after prop Captain America’s electromagnetic shield? If yes, then each successive reading of this article is gonna thrill you with anticipation. Let’s see if the electromagnetic shield of Captain America were in real life, would it work like shown in the movie!

Bracers With Electromagnetic Power

The bracers of Captain America was so powerfully features with electromagnetic power so that it didn’t bother him to hold the shield with palm. In reality that much powerful gauntlet is not feasible. Nevertheless we can try to give it a stiff competition.

A Mighty Attacking Weapon!

Yeah it can break tougher things like slabs made of rocks. It also works like hard throwing object to break glasses and doors. Since the force comes from burning the glucose of our body, everyone can’t use it to that extent shown in the movie.

Accompany Anywhere!

Oh! did I say anywhere? I guess I did but it happens only in movies. Catching it from a small range is feasible in reality unlike what’s been shown in the movie.

Defensive weapon

Often it is shown in the movie that the shield protects our superhero from various attacks. This is what a mini version of those attacks possible in reality.

Endure the hail of gunfire

Sounds much exciting right? But unfortunately in reality it could bear light fire power only unlike the one fired by Iron Man. What if there’s a fire breakout near your home? Is your agent using Real Estate CRM Software for the management?

None Can Snatch Your Weapon

Electromagnetic power can be made powerful that it can resist any snatching as it sticks firmly on your wrist.

This video will help you reach a conclusion whether the electromagnetic shield really works in real life.

Does Captain America’s Electromagnetic shield work?

Note: All the images used in this article are taken from this youtube video.

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