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5 Features A Real Estate CRM Software Should Always Have

CRM or Customer Relationship Software has become an integral part of any industry irrespective of its size. The purpose of implementing CRM is to replace the standard Excel sheet database with a new more advanced way of interactive data collection and database maintenance.

What is CRM Software ?

CRM software compiles the entire customer information and documents into a single database so that business users can  easily access and manage it. The other cardinal functions of this software include recording various customer interactions (over email, phone calls, social media ), automating various workflow processes such as tasks, and alerts, and providing managers with the ability to track performance and productivity based on information logged within the system.

Use of CRM in Real Estate

CRM has had a huge impact on all aspects of marketing, not to mention the rapid growing Real Estate market. The revolutionized CRM has enabled real estate agents to move beyond stereotypical Excel spreadsheet databases or even having a contact manager per se. Automation of the entire digital marketing including automated email and even online lead generation can be easily achieved through Real Estate CRM Software.

Features a Real Estate CRM Software must have

1. Powerful contact management features

Real estate business is all about contacts, therefore, the CRM software should have a strong contact management platform that is customisable in order to categorise persons by referring agents, competitors, leads and clients.

Furthermore, the software should allow you to separate clientele into subcategories. The clients should be able to separate as cold and warm leads, current and past clients or even whether they are satisfied and highly satisfied clients. These tags are crucialin order to make a ranked referrer tiers which will help us get more leads.

2. Powerful list management

Listings are your second priority feature when checking Real Estate CRM Software reviews. It should allow you to be able to customize database fields in order to create a list based on offers, deals, dates, third parties, events, commissions and even transnational stage. The CRM software should allow you to generate or attach service reports, property details and transactional documents in synchronize with the listing.

3. Powerful email platform

The Real Estate CRM software should have a powerful email system. Although social media comprises a major portion of today’s CRM, real estate can benefit more from email marketing. Buying property entails serious decision and thus in this regard, people prefer email as a more professional platform than social media. The CRM email tool should have features such as: pre-designed email campaigns for various contacts; monthly real estate newsletter; and a bank of email templates with marketing keywords like “just sold” or “just listed”.

4. Compatible with popular platforms

You and your agents should already be comfortable using productivity tools like MS Office and Google Docs to manage reports. The CRM software you are going to use should be compatible with these tools to make the transition smooth. Requiring agents to learn a totally different software is going to cost time and impede sales momentum. They cardinally should only need to learn a few CRM software basics in order to tie the system with familiar productivity tools.

5. Mobile capability

A mobile version of the CRM software will greatly help real estate agents, who are mostly on the road or in the field. That means the CRM software back-end should be in the cloud to take full advantage of mobility while limiting cost. With productivity tools, the CRM mobile platform should be compatible with the most popular mobile OS for smartphones and tablets such as iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

These are the basic features which every CRM software must have in order to be efficient in Customer Relations. Therefore we must encourage the use of CRM software in the real estate business since it definitely makes managing customer profiles extremely easy.

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