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Monthly Archives: February 2017

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How Indoor Navigation Tech Can Help A Hospital, Its Patients, and Visitors

It’s quite troublesome when you are in a state of emergency and you have to roam around the different departments in a Hospital to find the one you need to visit. You have to ask around 10 people to tell you the location of the Doctor’s chamber or the medical store. What if you had […]

5 Features A Real Estate CRM Software Should Always Have

CRM or Customer Relationship Software has become an integral part of any industry irrespective of its size. The purpose of implementing CRM is to replace the standard Excel sheet database with a new more advanced way of interactive data collection and database maintenance. What is CRM Software ? CRM software compiles the entire customer information […]

What Is Social CRM And How Is It Relevant To The Real Estate Market?

We are all too familiar with the monotonously beeping telephone lines which greeted us on our futile attempts to call customer service whenever we had a malfunctioning gadget. Well, thankfully those days are well behind us, now the answers to any of our grievances are just a twitter tweet away! How is this possible? Well, […]

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